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Upfront Pricing

Jersey Plumbing Service provides the customer with a direct, upfront, flat rate pricing system for all work to be performed. Upfront pricing helps provide consistency for work and performance of a job. This philosophy of pricing is chosen to maximize customer relations. A flat rate price is based on a specific service the worker performs regardless of the length of time it takes. This is a protection and benefit to the customer because it eliminates fees by the hour, which can be costly, and the customer knows prices before any work is performed.

Same Day Service

At Jersey Plumbing Service we try our best to respond promptly and schedule you based on your need and convenience. We understand the demands of families with busy schedules and try our best to accommodate and provide you with efficient and reliable service. We offer same day and twenty four hour service for all of your plumbing and heating needs. All calls are welcomed as we strive to provide you with safe and healthy services.

Homeowner Testimonial

"I was amazed at how inexpensive the faucet was to replace after my husband tried doing it himself. We ended up wasting time and money. You did such a great job-minus the stress!" Noelle South Plainfield

A happy customer makes a happy plumber!